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“OCL has been in business of refractories since 1954”

OCL INDIA LIMITED, formerly "Orissa Cement Limited" and better known as "OCL" started producing Refractories in 1954. Over the years, it has become one of the largest and well-equipped state of the art Refractory plants in India covering a wide range of products for use in the Ferrous & the non-ferrous Industries. Its customer base spreads from iron and steel to cement, aluminum, glass, copper, chemicals and hydrocarbon industries. Today, OCL enjoys a huge market share in India and overseas extending to five continents across the globe.
Different refractory products made by OCL are
Silica Refractories for Coke Ovens, High Temperature Blast Furnace Stoves and Glass Industries.
High Alumina Refractories for Blast Furnace Stoves.
Basic Refractories.
Magnesia Carbon bricks.
Continuous Casting Refractories.
New generation high performance Castable and Precast Blocks for various applications.
Purging Refractories.
Slide gate Refractories.
OCL happens to be the first Refractory Company in India to be certified under ISO 9001, by RWTUV of Germany in 1994 version for all range of its products. And now it is updated to an Integrated management system comprising of ISO9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification from RWTUV, West Germany
OCL in order to stand firmly on its own feet have, right from the beginning, been giving full emphasis on its own research and development activities. As a result, OCL today boasts of a full-fledged in-house R&D Wing with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Besides, it has also promoted an independent R&D centre - DALMIA INSTITUTE OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH.
OCL is among the market leaders & undisputedly, one of the best in world in the segment of Silica bricks for Coke ovens & Blast Furnace stoves having extraordinary supply references all through the globe. With aggressive thrust on the exports of special Refractories like Continuous casting, Slide plates & Purging Refractories for the Steel Sector, Direct bonded Mag-Chrome bricks for the Copper and Fireclay & High Alumina bricks for the Aluminum Industries, it enjoys clientele of reputed overseas customers.
OCL is a globally focused organization with a large range of product and strong R & D orientation towards its customer both in product and in services. It has a long-term vision to emerge as a globally accepted refractory solution provider.
Know- How & Technical Collaboration
Starting with initial technical know-how from Dr. C. Otto and CO, Germany, OCL subsequently entered into collaboration with General Refractories of USA for expansion of its factory and enlarging of the products range. Aimed at integrating its operations with the global market, OCL have continued its involvement with the world leaders of refractory technology and entered into collaboration with T.Y.K. CORPORATION of Japan for manufacture of magnesia carbon bricks, new generation castables, precast blocks, continuous casting Refractories, alumina silicon carbide carbon and alumina magnesia carbon Refractories.
(C) OCL India Ltd.
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