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Hydrocarbon Industry Refinery, Petrochemicals & Fertilizers Applications

Products for Various Hydrocarbon Processes
Zone Service Conditions Type of Refractory OCL Product
Fluidised catalytic cracking unit A.i. Reactor 450°c-550°c
ii. Regenerator 700°-900°c
B. Thermal stress & strain
C. Abrasion
D. Chemical reaction
E. Graphitisation
High purity Alumina Castable with Fe < 0.5 % backed up by 35-40% AL2O3 insulating castable Occast -95
Occast- 97
Insulcast 11/13
Cyclone , Catalyst transfer line, Slide valves(fccu) 310-850°c thermal shock and high erosion & severe abrasion. High strength low porosity castable backed up by med.
wt insulating castables
Excel cast - 60
with ss fibre.
Insulcast 11
Naptha reformers 500-600°c hot hydrogen atm., high pressure up to 20 kg/ cm² moderate erosion. Composite lining: dense castable backed up by bubble alumina based insulating castables Occast -95
With ss fibre.
Insulcast ba 97
Process furnaces, Heaters, Boilers, Crude stills etc. 1000-1300°c oxidising atm. mechanical abuse, abrasion due to charge fuel gases, liquid like acidic sludge to tar. Side walls and roof: medium purity light wt. castables flame impingement area & floor: high purity castables Excelcast-45
Occast -95
Incinerators, Air / vacuum heaters. Hoods feedlines 1100°-1500°c. thermal and mechanical spalling. Highly Corrosive materials like alkalis severe mechanical and chemica abuse. Continuous long service period spalling. Silicon carbide based low cement castable medium purity ultra low cement castable purity backed by medium purity insulating castable Excelcast bs-75
Coal gasifiers 1000-1600°c. reducing H2, Co & CH4 high pressure flame erosion and spalling. High purity high alumina bricks & castable Occast-95 / 97
Excelcast bs-75
Ammonia units secondary reformers 1000-1600°c. hot H2, Co & CH4 high pressure flame erosion and spalling. High purity high alumina castable / silicon carbide based low cement castable Occast-95 /
Excelcast bs-75
Fractionator towers & columns Spalling and erosion in the temp range of 650-850°c Spalling and erosion in the temp range of 650-850°c Occast-60
Sulphur recovery units High temp operation at 1650°c, erosion and abrasion High alumina high purity bricks for reactor and gunning mix for downstream 95-97 % Al2O3
Occast-95 g
Burner Block
Special Features
High thermal spalling resistance
High crack resistance during repeated heating - cooling cycle
High dimensional stability at high temperature
Higher durability owing to high thermal stability for prolonged period
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