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Coke Oven
OCL is a leading silica coke oven refractory manufacturer in the world

OCL through its initial know-how from Dr C OTTO and subsequent intensive R&D efforts has established itself as a  leading silica coke oven refractory manufacturer in the world.
With its installed capacity of 30000Tons/year OCL has to its credit an impressive list of supply references for Coke Oven silica refractories, both in domestic and overseas markets.
With its wide experience OCL can supply silica refractories to all international specifications such as DIN, JIS, BS, NSC and also to all international designers, such as OTTO, GIPROKOKS, KARL STEEL etc.
The special features of OCL silica bricks  for Coke Oven are :
Low residual quartz
Low creep
Consistent & smooth thermal expansion characteristics
High hot strength
Low statistical variation in property data ensured by quality assurance system
High dimensional accuracy enabling accurate and fast construction.
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