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At Rajgangpur cement works we manufacture seven varities of cement

At Rajgangpur cement works we manufacture seven varities of cement viz OPC 53 grade, OPC 53-S grade, OPC 43 Grade, PSC, PPC (Flyash Based), SRPC and Masonry Cement. At Kapilash Cement works we manufacture PSC at present
53 & 53-S -grade OPC (IS:12269-1987):
53-grade OPC is a high strength cement. According to the BIS requirements, 53-grade OPC must have a 28-day compressive strength of no less than 53 MPa For certain specialized products, such as pre-stressed concrete and certain pre-cast concrete items requiring high strength, 53-grade OPC is considered useful as it can produce high- grade concrete at lower cement content levels. We produce 53-grade OPC by exposing the clinker to the grinding process for longer period of time, which results in a higher density and stronger cement.

53-grade OPC is a high strength OPC, and can be used for the following applications:
Pre-cast concrete items such as paving blocks, tiles and building blocks
Pre-stressed concrete components; and Runways, concrete roads and bridges
High-rise buildings, Flyovers and Concrete structures where high grade concrete is normally required

53-S grade OPC can be used for the following application:
Manufacturing of Railway sleeper
43-grade OPC (IS-8112:1989):
According to the BIS requirements, 43-grade OPC must have a 28-day compressive strength of no less than 43 MPa.

43-grade OPC is commonly used in the following applications:
General civil engineering construction work including residential, commercial & Industrial buildings
Roads, Bridges, Flyovers and Irrigation projects
Pre-cast items such as blocks, tiles and pipes
Asbestos products such as sheets and pipes; and
Non-structural works such as plastering and flooring
Portland Slag Cement (IS-455:1989) :
Portland slag cement is manufactured by intergrinding Portland cement clinker, gypsum and Blust furnace granulated slag. It is also manufactured by blending OPC with ground Granulated Blast furnace slag through mechanical blenders.

Portland Slag Cement is commonly used for the following applications
General civil engineering construction works but mainly preferred for construction of marinestructures and in coastal areas where excessive amount of chloride and sulphate are present. It can also be used for mass concrete works.

Features of Konark PSC:
It has high ultimate strength with higher rate of gain of strength than normal OPC available in market.
Lower water demand
Lower Shrinkage
With high compressive strength Konark PSC ensures substantial savings in cement consumption .
Portland Pozzolana Cement-Fly ash based (IS:1489 Part-1 – 1991):
Portland Pozzolana cement is manufactured by intergrinding Portland cement clinker, gypsum and fly ash a by-product of thermal power plants.

Portland Pozzolana Cement is normally used for the following applications:
Useful for general construction works and especially suitable for works in aggressive environmental conditions, employed for water retaining structures, marine works, mass concreting such as dams, retaining walls and sewage pipes.
Features of Konark PPC
It is manufactured with carefully selected particle sizes of pozzolana (Flyash) ideal for denser and more durable concrete.
It is having low heat of hydration and corresponding resistance to exposure in various environmental chemicals such as salt water. It is particularly suitable for marine and hydraulic construction and other mass concrete structures. This cement has durability that is equivalent to OPC and can be used most of the applications where OPC is used.
Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement (IS-12330:1988):
Sulphate resisting portland cement is produced by inter-grinding special quality of cement clinker and gypsum.

Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement is normally used for the following applications:
Used for underground structures in sulphate-salts rich environment, effluent treatment plants, sugar and other chemical industries where civil works are likely to be subjected to sulphate attack which induces stresses in concrete ,leading to cracks and disruption.
Being a specially formulated cement with lower C3A content SRPC is free from these sulphate attack .
Features of Konark SRPC
Konark SRPC with low C3A content and higher strength is an ideal cement for laying foundation of a building in any aggressive environment containing sulphate.
Masonry Cement (IS-3466-1988):
Masonry cement is produced by intimately grinding a mixture of Portland cement clinker with pozzolanic materials or inert materials ,and gypsum.It is a special cement for exclusive use in plastering and brick work.

Konark brand masonry cement gives:
Very smooth and super surface finish of the plasters
More plastic mortar mix
Minimum fall of mortar while plastering walls or ceiling
Least wastage of mortar mix hence cost saving
Ease of work (trowelling and finishing)
Leak proof plaster
Less water consumption for making mix
More coverage while plastering
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