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Concrete is basically a mixture of 3 ingredients namely cement, aggregates and water

1. What's the difference between cement and concrete?
2. What makes concrete crack?
3. Why do concrete surfaces flake and spall?
4. Why should fresh concrete be properly cured?
5. I've heard the term slump pertaining to concrete. What is slump?
6. How long does concrete continue to gain strength after it is placed?
7. What is fly ash?
8. What is slag?
9. What is the setting time of Cement Concrete?
10. Does color have any bearing on its quality and strength of cement?
11. Addition of fly ash in concrete is detrimental to its strength?
12. What effect does the water/cement ratio have on the quality and strength of concrete?
13. Is concrete environmentally friendly?
14. How do you remove stains from concrete?
15. What are the decorative finishes that can be applied to concrete surfaces?
16. How do you protect a concrete surface from aggressive materials like acids ?
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